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All players who train or play for the Club must be registered to the Club to comply with our indemnity insurance.

Fees must be paid before the beginning of the season and are non-refundable.

The player will be registered as a squad member in the relevant age group.  The team selection is at the sole discretion of the team manager.

All kit and equipment remains the property of the club and will be returned on demand.  Members agree to reimburse the club in the event of any loss or damage.

Members undertake on joining that the player is medically fit to play football and in the even that the player requires medical treatment or emergency aid and the parent or carer is not present, consent is given for the player to receive necessary treatment.

If a player receives any fines for misconduct or needs to appear before any disciplinary hearing from any football association, the member undertakes to reimburse the club for those fines and to attend such hearings.

All members must abide by the clubs constitution and rules.

The excitement of joining a club like Hampstead FC can often be an anti climax if the parents, and players are not 100% aware of their commitment.

Coaching from the sidelines

Please do not tell any players what to do when attending a match, as a parent, or spectator. You need to leave this to the coaching staff as it may contradict the coach and can dominate some kids and destroy their confidence/development. This is very important.


Matches, in the HARROW League are normally played on a Sunday morning, There is travel for away matches in this League. The CAMDEN & ISLINGTON LEAGUE normally play on a Friday evening always at Market Road N7. The REGENTS PARK league play Saturday mornings always at the HUB in Regents Park. The CAPITAL GIRLS LEAGUE games are Saturdays. The HERTFORDSHIRE GIRLS FOOTBALL PARTNERSHIP LEAGUE travel for away games and are on Saturdays. We need parents to help with transport and not assume someone else will pick up their child and deliver them back.

Photos and Video

By joining the club you are agreeing to allow your child to be photographed while playing, training or undertaking any other activity with the club.  The club may from time to time, ask a photographer to take photos of the players.  Photos and video taken by a photographer for the club, by parents, or by anyone else may by displayed on the club’s web site and may be used by the club for publicity or other purposes related to the operation of the club.  This policy is operated in accordance with FA guidelines.



Facilities at away grounds are often poor to say the least and you will “freeze” on the touchline. Your child might not even make the team that day and be prepared for the disappointment, both theirs, and yours.


Code of Conduct

The club expects the highest standard of behaviour from members – both players and parents – when involved in any club activity.  Any action which brings the reputation of the club into question or constitutes a lack of respect for coaches, players, match officials, the opposition teams or any person involved in the running of the club or the competitions in which it is playing, will be treated with the utmost seriousness and may result in suspension or expulsion from the club.

The following guidelines are part of that code of conduct.

  1. KIT & APPEARANCE. Players failing to wear full team kit to matches, and white/blue training kit to coaching sessions, will not be permitted to play or train. Players are not permitted to wear trouser bottoms, or hats for any Club matches. Please NO EXCUSES.

  2. KIT REPLACEMENT. Replacement, or additional kit can be purchased from the Club. Player’s kit and footballs are your responsibility. Kit is scheduled to last 2 years; any replacement, including lost items, must be paid for. Squad numbers are random and cannot be guaranteed. Item prices: Shirt £15. Shorts £15. Socks £6.50. Track Suit £35/40 Ball £10.

  3. ATTENDANCE. Players missing a coaching session, or match without prior notice will not be selected for the next game. Players are expected to train with their team, absence due to third party training, other than school, is unacceptable. Prior notice is at least 24 hours.

  4. ATTITUDE.  Anyone disrupting a training session, or misbehaving at a match, will be dropped for the following game.

  5. RESPECT. We follow the FA RESPECT PROGRAMME and demand full support from teams/players and their parents watching the games. This is important for the future of Youth Football.

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